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Prof. Sangram Mudali

"Only the hottest furnace produces the finest steel, similarly the intense academic fire and disciplined Environment of APEX will produce the finest engineers and managers of Orissa"...Prof Sangram Mudali.

The technical landscape in the country has undergone a sea change in the last few years. More than 1500 engineers and over 1000 management institutes in the country are now churning out lakhs of graduates. However most of the institutes are producing mediocre engineers and managers who fall far short of acceptable global standards. We need institutes who commit themselves to quality and only quality to stand head and shoulders above the sea of mediocrity which threatens to obliterate Indiaís rich cultural heritage. The Apex Institute of Technology and Management, located at pahala, Phulnakhara, Bhubaneswar belongs to a breed of uncompromising institute which is determined to usher in quality education in disciplined healthy environment to produce accomplished engineers and managers who will shoulder Indiaís march into 21st century. The promoters ,being themselves groomed into finest education in India and abroad ,share four decades of experience in the field of technical education having already produced hundreds of engineers whose placement in top MNCís and Indian companies is the envy of many in our country. The Apex institute has been founded by technocrat Prof Sangram Mudali who is a graduate of IIT ,Kanpur and did his masters from university of Houston ,USA.After working with many US and Indian multinational companies ,Prof Sangram Mudali has returned to Orissa and is the leader of technical education in the state .Apex Institute of technology and management is headed by principal Dr. Ramesh Chandra Das who has done his Mtech and PhD from IIT ,Mumbai and has more than 30years of academic and research experience .The institute is conveniently located at pahala,near phulnakhara ,Bhubaneswar ,to attract the top rankers of Orissa JEE and AIEEE from both Bhubaneswar and Cuttack as well as outside students.

Apex Institute of technology and management is offering Bachelor of technology (B.TECH) programs in the discipline of computer science ,Information Technology ,Electronics and Communication engineering and Electronics and Electrical engineering and Master of Business administration (MBA).The B.Tech and MBA programs are approved by AICTE and affiliated to Biju Patnaik University of technology(BPUT).Prof Mudali emphasized that the physical and laboratory infrastructure of the institute is probably is best among all the recently started engineering and MBA institutes .The faculty are postgraduates with six of them with PhD degrees .The faculty of the institute are from top institutes of the country and are into research and consulting in various are such as embedded system ,nano technology software engineering ,communications technology ,VLSI engineering electrical simulation and modeling ,etc.The campus of 90000 sq .ft space promises all the ambience of a modern day campus with wireless Internet connectivity ,laptops ,English and foreign language laboratories specializations such as Embedded Systems ,VLSI Bioinformatics ,CAD-CAM labs ,etc. A host of industry oriented courses will be provided to the students along with the regular course work .Seminar and classroom lectures from IIT faculty will be beamed into classrooms using dedicated 2 MBPS connectivity. The institute will foster a sense of complete personality development and a strong sense of discipline in all its activities .Prof Mudali remarked," "only the hottest furnace produces the finest steel, similarly the intense academic fire and disciplined Environment of APEX will produce the finest engineers and managers of Orissa".

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